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With ever-increasing demands on your time (in the words of one customer, “constant distractions and no break”), managing your money can slip further and further down the priority list. While money can be an awkward and challenging area of life, it’s an important one. It deserves attention.

SortMe is starting small. Right now, we’ll help you manage your personal and household bills in seconds so you can get back to the important stuff. But we’re cooking up a range of features to help you automate great financial hygiene and stay on top of your finances.

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Honestly I’ve got so much on between the kids and business… I get several hundred emails a day. Anything that helps me be more organised, efficient, and on time with paying bills is a win.
Casey, Auckland
I’m perpetually getting small bills that are painful to pay. My business takes priority so I end up forgetting and getting a ton of reminder calls and emails. SortMe helps me batch everything up which solves a huge headache.
Tom, Auckland

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